The National Guard Criminal Analysts will work to:

Under the guidance of local Law Enforcement Agencies, Criminal Analysts may also:


The following are resources available to analysts, as required by the mission and assignment. These resources require little training and are easily accessible. They are intended to supplement LEA data sources (i.e. DEA ‘Firebird’, State Police ‘SJS’, and DHS ‘TECS’).

NGB Counterdrug CoP: https://www.intelink.gov/sites/cdanalysts
The CoP is the best place to obtain and share NGB-CD information. Analysts can request access through the Intelink webpage. Once access is provided, try the link a second time.
EPIC: https://www.esp.gov/
The El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) is the nationally-recognized fusion center. The center’s website can provide analytical products and access intelligence resources.
Law Enforcement Online: http://www.leo.gov/
LEO is the FBI’s portal with links to Intelink and other systems. This portal provides national Amber Alerts, serious crime information, and portals for fusion centers and large LEAs.
ADNet-SBU: https://www.safexchange.gov/
The Anti-Drug Network (ADNet) website maintains communities of practice and ‘hangs’ narcotic-related bulletins. Also, it provides access to international counterdrug task forces.

**The CDTF does not conduct intelligence activities. National Guard members support the criminal information analysis activities of Law Enforcement Agencies. Criminal information shall be maintained on LEA systems (i.e. shared drive, email server) at all times**