US Property & Fiscal Office - New York


The National Guard Bureau recognizes the USPFO as the primary focal point for federal funds and property allotted to this state. This is predicated on the fact that the USPFO is, by law, accountable and responsible for all federal funds and property provided to the National Guard in their respective states. The USPFO is responsible for financial management, property accountability, federal contracting and internal review. They authenticate requirements, certifies as to their authority and authorizes the expenditure of federal funds for equipment, supplies, services and payroll. Additionally they submit periodic reports concerning the use of these funds and equipment to the Secretary of the Army and Secretary of the Air Force.

United States Property and Fiscal Officer for New York

330 Old Niskayuna Road Latham, NY 12110-3514

USP&FO for New York

COL Michael S. Murphy

Deputy, USP&FO for New York

Col Peter Keegan

Assistant USP&FO for Real Property (Army)

Latham, NY
LTC Mark S. Colloton

Assistant USP&FO (Air) 105th AW

105th AW, NYANG, Stewart ANGB, Newburgh, NY
Capt Mark Noteboom (Real Property)
Capt Jason Nordlund (Property)
Lt Col Alta Caputo (Fiscal)

Assistant USP&FO (Air) 106th RQW

106th RQW, NYANG, Westhampton Beach, NY
Maj Sean Marshall (Real Property)
Capt Joel D. Hansard (Property)
Maj Brian Johnson (Fiscal)

Assistant USP&FO (Air) 107th ATKW

107th ATKW, NYANG, Niagara Falls, NY
Maj Matthew Heinsler (Real Property)
Maj Lindsay Doak (Property)
Maj Ashley Love (Fiscal)

Assistant USP&FO (Air) 109th AW

109th AW, NYANG, Stratton ANGB, Scotia, NY
Ms. Kim Kotkoskie (Real Property)
Capt Tracy Pauquette (Property)
Capt Adam Rinaldi (Fiscal)
Capt Stephen Comer (Fiscal)

Assistant USP&FO (Air) 174th ATKW

174th ATKW, NYANG, Hancock Field, Syracuse, NY
Maj David Livesay (Real Property)
Lt Col Ernest Lancto Jr. (Property)
Lt Col Judson Stiglich (Fiscal)
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