US Property & Fiscal Office - New York

Comptroller Division

The employees of the Comptroller Division of the USP&FO for New York handle all the day-to-day work to ensure that military and civilian members of the New York Army National Guard receive the Technician Pay, Military Pay, and Federal Travel Reimbursements to which they are entitled. They ensure all federal appropriated funds are received, distributed, properly accounted for, and used in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. They ensure all federal Commercial Accounts Payable for supplies and services provided to the NYARNG are paid. They will answer questions, handle emergencies, provide guidance and help. As financial professionals, they will continue to provide the highest quality financial services to our customers in the areas of Military Pay, Technician Pay, Vendor Pay, Travel Entitlements, Accounting, and Budgeting.

Need help with pay?   Military Pay Helpline: 1-800-469-9167


Financial Manager MAJ Simone Adams-Mitchell
(518) 786-4955
(DSN) 489-4955
Pay & Exam Supervisor Mr. Robert June
(518) 786-4368
(DSN) 489-4368
Deputy Finance Manager Mr. Samuel Simmons
(518) 786-4654
(DSN) 489-4654
Lead Financial Services Tech Ms. Brittany Gasse
(518) 786-0391
(DSN) 489-0391
Accounting Officer Mrs. Sarah M. Blanchard
(518) 786-0401
(DSN) 489-0401
Staff Accountant Mr. Mark Christopher Jr.
(518) 786-4505
(DSN) 489-4505
Government Travel Charge Card Ms. Teicarria Anderson
(518) 786-6045
(DSN) 489-6045
Technician Pay Ms. Elisa Volonakis
(518) 786-4823
(DSN) 489-4823
Vendor Pay Nicholas Bradley
(518) 786-4704
(DSN) 489-4704
Comptroller Office Fax (518) 786-4708
(DSN) 489-4708
Military Pay Fax (518) 786-4789
(DSN) 489-4789
Lead Defense Travel Administrator (LDTA) Mrs. Monika M. Harding
(518) 786-4837
(DSN) 489-4837
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