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US Property & Fiscal Office - New York

Supply & Services Division

The Supply and Services Division, which includes operation of the USP&FO Warehouse Storage Branch, Central Issue Facility (CIF), Property Management and Material Management Branches, provides all aspects of installation supply support for the NYARNG.

The Supply Storage Branch receives, reports, and securely stores all equipment turned in from and fielded to the NYARNG units. The Storage Branch also receives and processes all requests for supplies for customer units. The CIF is the centralized warehouse and property book that stores and accounts for all Organizational Clothing and Equipment (OCIE) for the NYARNG. The Property Management Branch ensures all unit property records are accurately maintained and validated for all federal accountable property. The Material Management Branch maintains the USP&FO Stock Record Account and ensures all excess equipment is properly reported for disposition. All branches maintain and provide asset visibility to National Guard Bureau and provide quality customer service to our NYARNG units.

Points of Contact

Deborah M. Holser Supply MGT Officer
Supply & Services Division
Watervliet Arsenal
(CML) 518-272-3700
(DSN) 489-3700
Supply Systems Analyst MSG Erick Yip
(CML) 518-272-3772
(DSN) 489-3772
MNPF-SS(PM) Supervisor, Gen. Supply Spec. Ms. Marye Hollenbeck
(CML) 518-272-3704
(DSN) 489-3704

Central Issue Facility

Property Book Officer Mr. David Nichols
(CML) 518-270-1537
(DSN) 489-1537

Material Management Branch

Supervisory Supply Systems Analyst Mr. Gary Flaherty
(CML) 518-272-3732
(DSN) 489-3732

Supply Storage Branch

Warehouse Foreman SFC Douglas Browning
(CML) 518-272-3817
(DSN) 489-3817

Asst Warehouse Foreman SFC David Peeney
(CML) 518-272-3818
(DSN) 489-3818


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