US Property & Fiscal Office - New York

Purchasing & Contracting

Provides professional contracting support for the New York National Guard Organizations in the acquisition and construction, Architect-Engineering services, and other supplies and services, utilizing the most efficient and effective procedures available.

Points of Contact - Headquarters Latham, NY

Supervisory Contract Specialist Mrs. Hemwatie Ramasami
(518) 786-4640
(DSN) 489-4640
Supervisory Contract Specialist Ms. Melissa Santoro
(518) 786-4770
(DSN) 489-4770
Supervisory Contract Specialist Mrs. Ashley Pace
(518) 786-4460
(DSN) 489-4460
Contract Specialist Mr. Andrew Emrich
(518) 786-4739
(DSN) 489-4739
Contract Specialist Mrs. Christine Campbell
(518) 786-4747
(DSN) 489-4747
Contract Specialist Mrs. Johanna Goman
(518) 786-4461
(DSN) 786-4461
Contract Specialist MAJ Richard Powell
(518) 786-0399
(DSN) 489-0399
Contract Specialist Ms. Meghan Sheridan
(518) 786-4746
(DSN) 489-4746

Points of Contact - New York Air National Guard

105 MSG/MSC, Stewart ANGB,
Newburgh, N.Y.
Contracting Officer: SMSgt Kevin Fenner Commercial: (845) 563-2832
DSN: 636-2832
Fax: (845) 563-1735
106 RQW/MSC, Gabreski Airport,
Westhampton Beach, N.Y.
Contracting Officer: SMSgt Fred Rodriguez Commercial: (631) 723-7562
DSN: 456-7562
Fax: (631) 723-7569
107 ARW/MSC,
Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Contracting Officer: MSgt Jason M. Fronden Commercial: (716) 236-2493
DSN: 238-2493
Fax: (716) 236-3043
109 MSG/MSC,
Scotia, N.Y.
Contracting Officer: SMSgt Nicholas Bastiani Commercial: (518) 344-2513
DSN: 974-2487
Fax: (518) 344-2687
174 FW/MSC, Hancock Field
Syracuse, N.Y.
Contracting Officer: SMSgt Ashley Pace Commercial: (315) 233-2133
DSN: 233-2133
Fax: (315) 233-2134

Contracting Links:

The System for Award Management (SAM) is the official U.S. Government system that has consolidated the capabilities of CCR/FedReg, ORCA and EPLS. There is NO fee to register for this site. Entities may register at no cost directly from the home page: User guides and webinars are available under the “HELP” tab.

CCR Any contractor not registered cannot be issued a contract. A Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) number is required to register with the CCR. To obtain the D&B number visit

Fed Biz Ops is the single Government point-of-entry for Federal Government procurement opportunities over $25,000. commercial vendors seeking Federal markets for their products and services can search, monitor and retrieve opportunities solicited by the entire Federal contracting community.

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