New York National Guard J2 Intelligence and Security Directorate

The J2 Mission

The J-2 serves as the primary advisor to The Adjutant General for all intelligence and security-related matters to include, but not limited to, Incident Awareness and Assessments (IAA); foreign threat information; situational awareness of TAG-directed Areas of Operation/Areas of Interest (AO/AoI); intelligence plans, policies, and programs; and Special Security Office operations.

The J-2 also serves as the channel of communication for TAG to CNGB, USNORTHCOM, and other COCOMs and agencies as required.

J2 Contacts

Director, J2 CW4 Jonathon Molik
Special Security Officer Mr Manasseh Arnold
Program Manager SFC Thomas Garbarini
Personal Security Specialist Mr Robert Richardson
Deputy, J2 VACANT
INFOSEC Mrs Karin Tirinato
Personnel Security Manager Ms Ruth Derenzo
Personal Security Specialist SPC Katelyn Bauer
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