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NYNG J2 - Intelligence Oversight


Information security is the discipline governing the classification, downgrading, declassification, transmission, transportation, and safeguarding of information requiring protection in the interests of national security. It primarily pertains to classified national security information, now known as classified information, but also addresses controlled unclassified information, to include for official use only and sensitive but unclassified.

The JFHQ-NY J2 Intelligence Oversight Program enforces policies, procedures, and requirements to protect classified and controlled unclassified information (CUI) that, if disclosed, could cause damage to national security.

J2 Intelligence Oversight Contacts

Primary Intelligence Oversight Monitor SFC Karin Tirinato karin.e.tirinato.mil@mail.mil 518-786-4758
Alternate Intelligence Oversight Monitor MSG Jenny Raub-Scott jennifer.r.raib-scott.mil@mail.mil 518-786-4545
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