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The New York Guard Band -  Supporting the Armed Forces of NY since 1917

Join the 89th Band, New York Guard

Military Bands have been a part of the armed services for hundreds of years. American armed forces have had a long tradition of military bands spanning from the American Revolution to the present. Military bands are an integral part of ceremonies and events honoring active and retired military personnel, representing military units in both concerts and parades as well as bringing general awareness to the public of our men and women in uniform.

The 89th Band NYG is based at Camp Smith Training Site located in Cortlandt, NY. Our mission is to musically/militarily support the New York Military Forces which fall under the authority of the Division of Military and Naval Affairs (DMNA). The band has, over the years supported the 42nd Infantry Division Band, New York Army National Guard musically at performances in Long Island, Lower Hudson Valley, Upstate NY, and at the United Nations in New York City.

The New York Guard Band -  Supporting the Armed Forces of NY since 1917

Our members are volunteer musicians from the local community and retired military veterans who rehearse and perform together to serve the State of New York. Our activities are typical of those described above for military bands. We are uniformed and adhere to military customs and courtesies. The band performs at the Hudson Valley Honor Flight Ceremonies at Stewart and Westchester County Airports, Town of Cortlandt Veterans Day Ceremony, and Annual Sleepy Hollow NYG Memorial Ceremony.

If you are interested in serving the great State of New York in a meaningful musical capacity, visit the 89th New York Guard Band Facebook page. Admission to our band is by audition and at the discretion of the Commander. Prior military experience is preferable, however, non-military musicians are welcome and will be provided opportunities to obtain any necessary military training.

The band is actively recruiting new members.
For more information about the band and membership opportunities, contact the Recruiting Coordinator below.

New York Guard 89th Band Contacts:

Captain Roy C. Coates

Recruiting Coordinator
Sergeant Tatsuya Hondo

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