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NYG 1304 Enlistment Appointment
NYG 1305 Promotions
NYG 1304/1305 Policy Change Promotions Policy Change
NYG 1312 Official Biographies
NYG 1319 Official Photographs
NYG 1325 Misconduct
NYG 1325-1 Board of Officers
NYG 1326 Developmental Counseling
NYG 1331 (Use DMNA REG 600-8-4) State Active Duty Line of Duty Procedures
NYG 1334-1 Authorized Headgear
NYG 1334-2 NYG Utility Uniform - Wear and Appearance
OCP Uniform Reference OCP Uniform Requirements and Resources Reference Sheet
OCP Uniform Transition Transition of Utility Uniform from ACU to OCP
NYG 1334-3 Directive for NYG Wear of Badges, Tabs, and Accoutrements on NYG Uniform
NYG 1338-1 Food Service
NYG 1338-2 Enlisted Uniform Issuance and Replacement
NYG 4140 Property Control Procedures
NYG 4515 State Guard License Plates
NYG 5400 Public Affairs Program
DMNA REG 672-1 State Military Awards
NYG 7040 Budget Procedures
NYG 7050 Purchasing Procedures
Appearance and Grooming Policy Appearance and Grooming Policy
NYS Travel Manual NYS Travel Manual
Social Media Use Policy NYG Policy for Social Media Use
Personal Identifying Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI) should be transmitted only by encrypted email or through the U.S. Postal Service. The NYS Division of Military and Naval Affairs and the NY Guard are not responsible for pre-delivery loss, disclosure or compromise of PII sent by unencrypted email, non-secure media, or document delivery services other than the U.S Postal Service.
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