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New York Naval Militia Force Master Chief, Special Warfare Ops Master Chief

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CPT Douglas Hedwig, NYG

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Force Master Chief, Special Warfare Ops Master Chief, Charles A. Mach is a resident of Galway, New York.

He entered the navy in 1972 graduating from BUD/S in 1973 and was assigned to SEAL Team One, USNAB Coronado, California.

In 1978, the Master Chief affiliated with the navy Reserve. Assignments included:

He retired from the United States navy in 2013 at the rank of Senior Chief. Having affiliated with the new York naval Militia in 1981, he was mobilized for Operation Irene and Operation Sandy.

Master Chief Mach was promoted to Master Chief in January 2014 and assigned as the Force Master Chief of the New York Naval Militia.

The Master Chief and his wife, Marilyn, have four children.

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