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Composed by:
CPT Douglas Hedwig, NYG

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Training Materials

AUXNET Cache Two-Way
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary First
District, Southern Region VERTEX
STANDARD VX900V Two-way Radios
28 Jul, 2017
CGTTP 6-01-1A Radio
Telephone Handbook
Radiotelephone Handbook U.S. Coast
14 Jan, 2013
COMDTINST M16672.2D Navigation Rules: Basics 21 May, 2018
Direct Deposit
Signup Process
For all in-pay State Active Duty 05 Jun, 2018
Ethics New York State Ethics; A Plain Language
21 May, 2018
Ethics Overview Link to New York State Ethics Overview 07 Jan, 2022
Health Information
Link to Health Information Privacy
12 Jul, 2021
How to Request SAD
How to Request State Active Duty (SAD)
Orders using the NYNM OPERATIONS APP
01 May, 2024
IS 100.C Link to FEMA IS 100.C: Introduction to
the Incident Command System, ICS 100
25 Jun, 2018
IS 200.C Link to FEMA IS 200.C: Basic Incident
Command System for Initial Response
11 Mar, 2019
IS 700.B Link to FEMA IS 700.B: An Introduction
to the National Incident System
25 Jun, 2018
IS 800.D Link to FEMA IS 800.D: National Response
Framework, An Introduction
06 May, 2020
JRSOI Team Training Link to JRSOI Team Training 24 Jan, 2022
MEMS Academy Student
Handbook 2023
MEMS (Military Emergency Management
Specialist) Academy Student Handbook; by
the State Guard Association of the
United States.
05 Jun, 2023
Navigation Rules:
Link to Navigation Rules BASIC
08 Dec, 2021
NY Naval Militia
Link to NY Naval Militia Indoctrination
09 Jul, 2021
NYNM CY 24 Training
NY Naval Militia 2024 Training Plan 17 Jan, 2024
Professional Reading
New York Naval Militia Recommended
19 Jun, 2021
SAD Request Training Training on how to request State Active
Duty orders using the NYNM Operations
29 Mar, 2023
Standard Answers
Book for Tactical
Craft Operations PQS
Standard Answers Book for Tactical Craft
Operations PQS U.S. Navy/Naval
Expeditionary Combat Command
17 Jun, 2008
Towing a Trailer National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration TOWING A TRAILER Being
Equipped for Safety
30 Oct, 2020
Trailering Small Boat Trailering & Towing 21 May, 2018
US NAVMED P50101 Food Safety 04 Apr, 2018
19 Jan, 2018
USMC FMST 1404 USMC Manage Environmental Cold Injuries 19 Jan, 2018
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