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CPT Douglas Hedwig, NYG

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New York is a maritime state. In water area, the state ranks 8th out of the 50 states, even though it ranks 30th in total area. With well over 9,000 miles of shoreline, the state also shares a 330 mile international water border with Canada. The physical map (below right) of the state shows the many waterways, rivers, and lakes that are vital to the state’s New York Satellite Imageeconomy and lifestyle.

In 2001, the State of New York identified the need to develop a boat service to support homeland security efforts, particularly in the Hudson River, at the Indian Point Energy Center, in Buchanan. This effort developed into the New York State Military Emergency Boat Service (MEBS).

This fleet of patrol boats was built specifically for the New York Naval Militia. The all-aluminum, high speed boats operate in waters throughout the state, including the Atlantic Ocean; Lakes Champlain, Ontario, and Erie; the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers, and throughout the state’s canal system. The boats are crewed by Naval Militia men and women; many of whom also serve their country in the reserve forces of the United States Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps.

Some of the missions and operations for MEBS include:

  • Port Security
  • Support of Law Enforcement
  • Surveillance
  • Evacuations
  • Maritime Transport

Recent Operations:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Joint Maritime Operations
  • Vessel Escort (Force Protection)
440 class Patrol Boat
PB440 Class Patrol Boat: Moose Boats M1-44 Catamaran (44 ft LOA)
400 class Patrol Boat
PB400 Class Patrol Boat: MetalCraft Marine Kingston 40 SAR (44 ft LOA)
300 class Patrol Boat
PB300 Class Patrol Boat: Nigel Gee Patrol Catamaran (34 ft LOA)
280 class Patrol Boat
PB280 Class Patrol Boat: ALMAR Sounder (34 ft LOA)
220 class Patrol Boat
PB220 Class Patrol Boat: MetalCraft Marine KingFisher 22 Hardtop (26 ft LOA)
230 class Patrol Boat
PB230 Class Patrol Boat: Aluminum Chambered Boats DV-R (25 ft LOA)
350 class Landing Craft
LC350 Class Landing Craft: Munson 35 PackCat (39ft LOA)
Captain Donald McKnight, Commander, New York State Military Emergency Boat ServiceCaptain Donald McKnight Commander, New York State Military Emergency Boat Service
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