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A Soldier Family Readiness Group (SFRG) is an organization of Family Members, Volunteers, Soldiers, and/or Civilian employees. They belong to a unit or organization which provides an avenue of mutual support and assistance. It is also a network of communication for the Family Members, the chain of command and other community resources.

Unit Family Readiness is a Commander’s Responsibility and the overall objective of the Military Family Readiness Specialists (MFRS) is to assist Commanders in the execution of that responsibility throughout all phases of the deployment cycle. MFRSs provide the Command with a “continuum of care” in Family readiness, coordinating the various resources that exist so that Commands, SFRGs, and ultimately Soldiers and Families are as ready as possible for military life.

The Mission of the Family Readiness Group

Benefits of the SFRG

For Family Members, mutual support, and care - The SFRG provides a connection to the unit through which Families get important information, develop friendships, and receive moral support. In feeling connected and supported, Families are more likely to have positive attitudes about military life, the unit, and its mission. The SFRG’s efforts to educate and support Families also help Families become more resilient and able to cope with deployments.

For Soldiers, peace of mind - Soldiers can be assured that while they are deployed, the unit has provided an avenue for their Family Members to get reliable information and help when needed. This support can help reduce Soldiers’ stress and enable Soldiers to focus on the mission.

For commanders, force multiplier - The SFRG leader’s feedback, based on the SFRG’s connections and contact with Families, enables the command to keep a pulse on Family needs and issues so that command can respond in a timely manner. By being able to communicate with and support Families more effectively, the command can increase Family Readiness and deployment preparedness.

For the military and civilian communities - An SFRG that can refer Families to appropriate community service agencies in a timely manner can reduce the occurrence of crisis situations. Further, to the extent SFRGs can learn about resources available in different communities, military and civilian communities can support Soldiers and Families wherever they live.

For the Army National Guard - Successful SFRG programs enhance Family Readiness and deployment preparedness, thereby increasing unit readiness for military missions.

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