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Branch Chief - CW3 Priscilla Burnah (518) 786-4782

Technician Training - The states Human Resource Development advisor and consultant to management on the full range of training and development for the Federal Technician workforce. Provides comprehensive guidance and advice in the following areas: self-development opportunities, mandatory courses for GS and WG employees, individual development plans, performance improvement plans, Professional Education Center courses, OPM Development Center courses, supervisory courses, and technician retirement courses. Designs and sends out the annual training needs survey.

Serves as Fund Manager, GPC Cardholder and DTS Approver for all Federal Technician travel and training in the NYARNG.

Human Resources Specialist (HRDS): MSG Tracey Miller (518) 786-4685

Technician Personnel Management Course Information The Federal Human Resource Office offers three Technician Personnel Management Courses every year. The course is a required training for full-time technician and AGR supervisors of our military workforce. The course covers a full range of topics including Labor/Management Relations, Classification, Conduct Management, Technician Pay and Leave, EEO, SHARP, Performance Appraisal Application (PAA), Worker Compensation and Benefits & Retirement.

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Budget Analyst - Reviews, evaluates and analyzes current and proposed obligations and expenditures. Reviews prior and current budgets/funding trends, compiles funding projections and prepares recommendations, with justification, for the Director. Allocates funds according to spending priorities. Monitors and tracks obligations and expenditures liquidated or not from monthly system reports. Recommends funding allocations and monitors expenditure to ensure allocations are being utilized as planned and not being exceeded. Advises management on cost analysis and fiscal allocations. Analyzes monthly directorate budgeting and accounting reports to maintain expenditure controls. Provides advice and technical assistance with cost analysis, fiscal allocation, and budget preparation. Prepares detailed budget charts, tables, and spreadsheets, as needed, in support of a variety of budgetary analyses and special projects. GPC cardholder for the ESGR, and EEO/SHARP programs. Federal Property Book Manager for MNHF. Also serves as the back-up DTS Approver for Technician Travel.

MNHF Budget Analyst: SSG Jill Lange (518) 786-4863

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Human Resources Specialist (Information Systems) directs, monitors and controls operations and maintenance of the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) Serves as a guide, advisor, interpreter and trainer for the HRO staff pertaining to DCPDS and oversees the quality control process and validation of data input by the HRO staff. Also provides computer inquires to extract management data from existing files through DCPDS and any other available inquiry system for the HRO staff and/or other organizations. Executes and monitors automated interface with other automated systems. Monitors status of unresolved errors and initiates required corrective action.

Performs functional administration, troubleshooting, and monitoring of the operation of DLA automated HR systems to include the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS).Establishes schedules to meet system requirements. Analyzes products to ensure they serve the purpose and needs of the user. Monitors, documents, and reports systems problems to the appropriate activity. Provides advice and assistance on systems technical and functional matters to the agency HR staffs in regard to automation capabilities within the automated HR systems. Consults with agency headquarters functional representatives and DHRC to design, develop, implement and maintain DHRC unique subsystems. Performs or assists in analyses to determine that proposed systems or enhancements to existing systems will integrate or interface with other systems, as needed.

HRS(IS) Shop Chief: CMSgt Ed Warner (518)786-4666
HRS(IS) Specialist: Ms. Trudy Bonsell (518)786-4991

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