The New York National Guard Incentive Awards Program is designed to motivate technicians to increase productivity and creativity and to achieve greater efficiency, economy and improvement of operations. It provides a method for rewarding those whose job performance and ideas are substantially above normal job requirements and performance standards. The Incentive Awards Program will be endorsed and vigorously supported by all levels of management, and will be administered entirely on the basis of merit without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, or physical or mental handicap. Supervisors/Managers will use discretion when making recommendations for awards to maintain the integrity of the program.

9Apr14 Memorandum from the HRO 

DMNA Form 32 - Recommendation for Incentive Award or Quality Step Increase

DMNA Regulation 451: NYNG Federal Technician Performance Awards Program

NGB TPR 451: Performance Management: Awards

NG Technician Performance Appraisal Program, TPR 430, dtd Nov 2009


QUALITY STEP INCREASE: A Quality Step Increase (QSI) is recognition in the form of a one-step increase in a General Schedule technician's rate of basic pay.

TIME-OFF AWARD: This award grants an excused absence to a technician without charge to leave or loss of pay. Time-off awards are intended to increase productivity and creativity by rewarding contributions to the quality, efficiency, or economy of government operations. Technicians may be awarded up to eighty hours of time off during a leave year. Awards may range from 4-40 hours for a single contribution. Nomination must be received in the HRO NLT two weeks after the accomplishment.

SUSTAINED SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Lump sum cash awards based on the annual performance appraisal. SSP's are used to recognize performance of duties at the Excellent or Outstanding level. Supervisors or Managers nominated for SSP's should be current on all their appraisals for the technician's he/she rates.

SUGGESTION/PERFORMANCE AWARD: These awards are given to technicians who provide suggestions to improve the economy, efficiency, or effectiveness of Federal Government operations, which have been adopted by the agency. Suggestion awards may be monetary or non-monetary.

ON THE SPOT/SPECIAL ACT AWARD:  A one-time special act or service may be recognized with a cash award. This is a single payment that does not change your rate of pay. Awards are designed to immediately reward technicians who have performed their duties in an exemplary manner.

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