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FTE/ MOB Augmentee ADOS Packets

ADOS Packets are required for any Soldiers that are to be placed on orders for 30-days or more.  The process is as follows for completing ADOS packets:

1) Review the ADOS Packet Checklist.  Soldiers must initial to the left of each statement to verify that they meet the minimum criteria.

2) ADOS packets MUST contain all the forms(Listed below) listed at the top of Page 2 on the checklist.  Any packets received without all required documentation will be returned without action.

3) PHA must be within one-year of ADOS Order start date.

4) HIV Test Date must be within two-years of ADOS Order start date.

**Packets must be routed through GOCOM before arriving at MNHF-AGR**



DA Form 1058-R **form must be verified/signed by unit commander**

NGB Form 1058-1R

Orders Query(used to determine last 31-day break in orders)

Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) printout (from MEDPROS)

DA Form 705

JPAS Statement (Security Clearance Verification)

DA Form 1506

Policy Memorandums

FTNGD-OS Policy Memorandum

Change 1 to FTNGD-OS Policy Memorandum

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