The Official Personnel Folder (OPF) is a file containing records that cover a civilian federal employee's employment history. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the agency human resources (HR) offices use these documents to make decisions about employees' rights, benefits and entitlements throughout their careers.

The eOPF is an electronic version of the paper OPF, providing Web-enabled access for federal employees and HR staff to view eOPF documents. Agencies also may provide eOPF access to special investigators, helping to speed the investigation process and save agency resources.

The content of all eOPFs are organized and stored in accordance with the Guide to Personnel Recordkeeping (GPR) and other pertinent legal and/or regulatory guidance. These various references are documented in the Office of Personnel Management Master Forms List. The eOPF provides a standard electronic solution to replace the paper storage of the OPF.

The eOPF is stored electronically in a secure central repository, with role-based security for access to the records. The eOPF incorporates an audit trail for all user activity. Agency HR and payroll systems provide an automated interface with eOPF, and agencies use the automated business processes to support HR review and approval efforts without paper. The eOPF includes the ability for simultaneous viewing of documents from different locations allowing an employee and HR specialist to access the records at the same time. The eOPF allows HR resources to focus on strategic value added services rather than the daily filing activities required for paper documents.

Paper records are subject to damage or destruction by fire or water. The eOPF electronic records are regularly backed up, and the eOPF provides disaster recovery to assure continuity of operations in any situation.

Government requirements for data security are incorporated globally to address such issues as data access controls/permissions, PKI encryption of Web-enabled interfaces, and data delivery over the web.

eOPF Implementation Process is divided into five phases: Pre-Assessment, Assessment, Application Deployment, Conversion, and Production Support. At any given time, there are multiple agencies performing tasks within each phase of eOPF thus providing agencies with the opportunity to collaborate with, and learn from similar experiences of their agency peers. Innovative technology solutions, leadership and the development of best practices have guided the eOPF program.

eOPF Employee Training Manual

How can I access my eOPF? You may access the portal at  https://eopf.nbc.gov/opm/

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