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ECOMP - The Employee's Compensation Operations & Management Portal

The National Guard Bureau announces a new filing process for Injury Compensation Claims. The Department of Labor (DOL), and the Department of Defense upgraded the Office of Workers' Compensation Program (OWCP) filing system from the legacy Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system, to the Employees' Compensation Operations & Management Portal (ECOMP).

ECOMP is a DOL operated program for claim and document submission for federal employee workplace injuries. Through this program, the technician will have the ability to file a claim and upload important medical documents at the same time thus reducing requests for additional information from the claims examiner.

In the ECOMP system, as a new requirement, the technician will first fill out and submit the OSHA form 301. After submitting the OSHA 301, the technician will be able to proceed with the claim using the information entered into the OSHA 301. The OSHA 301 will be sent directly to your State Safety Office.


- Filing a claim in ECOMP will require the technician to register with ECOMP.  The technician will be given a User ID and password to use when subsequently filing other claims or to check on claim status.

- The technician and supervisor can fill out their portion of the claim form separately.  The computer does not have to be CAC enabled or connected to a .mil network.

- ECOMP will maintain a draft of the claim form for one week if the filing process is interrupted.

- Documentation can be attached to the claim when submitted to DOL thus expediting the adjudication process by eliminating the delay for the Claims Examiner to receive relevant documents.  Support documentation can be submitted electronically with the claim.

In situations where the injured technician is incapacitated and cannot file his or her own claim, the supervisor can have the HRO's ICPA file the initial claim on behalf of the technician. The claim will continue to be processed once the supervisor completes his or her portion.

It is advised that each technician and supervisor is trained on these new reporting procedures.

ECOMP Supervisor Training

ECOMP Employee Training



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