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Convalescent Leave

Convalescent Leave

Convalescent leave is a nonchargeable absence from duty granted to expedite a Soldier's return to full duty after illness, injury, or childbirth. The unit commander or designee is the approval authority for up to 30 days convalescent leave (84 days after normal pregnancy and childbirth) for a Soldier returning to duty after illness or injury. NGB is the only approval authority for requests in excess of 30 days (or in excess of 84 days for childbirth).

Process: The Adjutant General may approve convalescent leave up to thirty days on recommendation of hospital commander or State Surgeon( This authority is delegated to Unit Commander or designee, per AR 600-8-10, Chapter 5). Every request for seven or more days will be reviewed by a military provider.



Extended Convalescent Leave (In Excess of Thirty Days)

Overview: The Office of the Chief Surgeon, Army National Guard (ARNG-CSG), reviews and approves all convalescent leave requests in excess of 30 days for all Title 32 (T32) AGR Soldiers IAW with NGR (AR) 600-5 Paragraph 3-8 (c.).  ARNG-CSG is the only approval authority for this leave request.  This insures that:

          a.  All cases are judged by a common medical standard;

          b. The Soldier is properly profiled in e-PROFILE; and,

          c. ARNG Case Management tracks Soldier's issue until resolution.


For requests in excess of thirty days, and extensions beyond thirty days, the State submits the required documents to the ARNG Chief Surgeon General.  ARNG-CSG medical personnel review the medical documents and ensure that approval of convalescent leave is appropriate.  As soon as a decision is rendered, the MATS Module is updated and a formal memo is generated that the State can immediately view.

Important Extended Convalescent Leave Notes:

1.) Soldiers in a convalescent leave status should not be capable of performing any military duties under a temporary profile, either at the Armory or office site, or even at home (if there is an assignment or duty which the Commander deems appropriate while recuperating).

2.) Some civilian physicians operate under a civilian occupational health model wherein a worker cannot return to work until fully capable of performing all job requirements; however, the Army expects a Soldier to perform limited duty for which they are capable.  If the Soldier has limitations or restrictions to duty performance, a temporary profile is written and the Soldier is managed through eCase.

3.) A State military provider must ensure that an appropriate temporary or light duty profile (that meets the treating provider's restrictions) has been issued with e-PROFILE.  The Soldier must supply a letter or treatment plan from the treating physician, with any applicable medical documents, which clarifies the medical condition, limitations, and expected date of recovery (both to limited and full-duty).

4.) If a unit knows that a Soldiers will need an extended convalescent leave period in excess of thirty days, then the unit must begin coordination with the AGR Medical NCO immediately and NLT than two weeks into the initial thirty day convalescent leave period.  If the unit fails to submit request, NGB will likely deny the request and the Soldier must charge ordinary leave for any period over the initial thirty day convalescent leave period.


For additional information contact:

AGR Branch Manager at (518) 786-4488


AGR SGM at (518) 786-4626




AR 600-8-10

NGB Convalescent Leave Info Paper

Alaract 062-2009

2016-09 Maternity Leave Policy

Maternity Leave SecDef 5 Feb 16




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