!!!! 2016 OPEN SEASON !!!!

November 14th through December 12th 2016 

The Army Benefits Center-Civillian (ABC-C) toll free number is 1-877-276-9287 Option 3 for National Guard Technicians.

Benefit Flyers

It is highly recommended that Technicians make their Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) Open Season elections by using Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS) or by calling ABC-C to ensure proper adjustments are made. When making your election through EBIS it is encouraged to keep a copy of the Benefits election form (SF2809) for your records.

Enrolled annuitants or their survivors should access Open Season Online, and interactive website, at https://retireefehb.opm.gov or be directed to call Open Season Express at 1-800-332-9798.

https://www.abc.army.mil/                                                        https://www.ebis.army.mil/login.aspx

It's your annual opportunity to either change or elect coverage that you can rarely do at any other time of the year. Just to refresh your memory, there are three programs affected by the open season that are open to all employees. The following plans become effective January 1, 2017 if current plan is continued. Otherwise January 08, 2017 is the effective date if a change is made to a current plan.

What to Consider During the Federal Benefits Open Season

*Significant Plan Changes for 2016

For the Employee: A 2016 Open Season Checklist for 2017 Plan Year CLICK HERE

For Helpful Resources for the 2016 Open Season CLICK HERE

Open Season

During the annual Open Season, employees can take the actions listed below for the Federal Flexible Spending Account Program (FSAFEDS), Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP), and the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program. Click here to Save Money!

1. Enroll in a flexible spending account – a health care and/or dependent care account, under the FSAFEDS Program. Unlike the other programs, you MUST re-enroll in FSAFEDS each year to participate. Enrollments DO NOT carry over from year to year.  FSAFEDS Information


1.  Enrolling in FSAFEDS is free to you!

2.  Enroll in, change, or cancel an existing enrollment in a dental/vision plan under the FEDVIP Program. 2016 FEDVIP Premiums Information                        

3. Enroll in, change, or cancel an existing enrollment in a health plan under the FEHB Program. You can compare up to 4 plans by clicking HERE. For 2016 FEHB Premium Rate Charts


As a result of the Affordable Care Act, FEHB plans have been providing a summary document on their websites which details information about health plan benefits and coverage. FEHB enrollees can better understand their coverage and easily compare different plans and plan options using the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) document which includes information on the following:

The summary document is available on OPM's website: www.opm.gov/healthcare-insurance/healthcare/plan-information/summary-of-benefits


Going Green - Online Plan Research, Online Elections and Electronically processed SF 2809

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