The HRO requires at least 15 working days prior to the effective date of a personnel action. Effective dates for Technician (Army and Air) personnel actions should coincide with the beginning, or ending when appropriate, of the technician pay periods.


Example 1: Appointment (Specify: Permanent, Indefinite or Temporary)  - You must also attach the appropriate In-Processing Checklist with this SF-52: Permanent/Indef  or  Temp Tech

Example 2: Change to Lower Grade (i.e. Termination or Temp Promotion)

Example 3: Death

Example 4: Detail (NTE: MM-DD-YYYY/ 120 day increments)

Example 5: Extention of Temporary Appointment (NTE: MM-DD-YYYY)

Example 6:

Example 7: LWOP (Leave Without Pay) (For: Personal Reasons) (#days, i.e. 120 days)

Example 8: LWOP (US) - You must also attach the Absent-US checklist with this SF52

Example 9: Name Change - You must attach official documentation with this SF52

Example 10: Promotion

Example 11: Temporary Promotion (Without Competition)

Example 12: Reassignment (Specify: Voluntary or Management Directed)

Example 13: Request for Fill (Specify: Permanent or Indefinite)

Example 14: Resignation - The Out-Processing Checklist is required with this SF52

Example 15: Retirement (Voluntary or In Lieu of Involuntary Action - ILIA) - The Out-Processing Checklist is required with this SF52

Example 16: Return to Duty (Specify: US or Personal) - You must also attach the Return to Duty Checklist and member's DD214 with this SF52

Example 17: Termination (Type: During Trial Period, Temp Appt, For Cause)

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