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Blended Retirement System Continuation Pay (BRS-CP)

If you have given between 8-11 years of service in the Armed Forces, you are at the mid-point in your career and have come to a decision point. To show the importance and value that you bring to the New York Army National Guard you are being offered the opportunity to receive a one-time mid-career bonus known as Blended Retirement System Continuation Pay (BRS-CP) that you can request between 8-12 YOS. BRS-CP is valued at 4x monthly base pay for non-AGR, and 2.5x monthly base pay for AGR (see below for approximate $ values). BRS-CP does not affect any other bonus you may be receiving or eligible to receive. In return for BRS-CP you agree to a 4-year service obligation. You do not have to extend at the same time you request BRS-CP, but you must complete the 4-year obligation. Your 12-year anniversary is an extremely important date as once this date passes you will no longer be eligible for COPAY.

What is Continuation Pay?

BRS-CP is a one-time, mid-career bonus payment, in exchange for an agreement to perform additional obligated service. BRS-CP is a mid-career bonus that can be received by those SM that are in the BRS and are between 8-12 years of service. This is a bonus that is in addition to any other bonus a SM may receive and will not count toward the limit in accordance with DoDI 1304.31 on incentive payments over your career, unless those other incentives specifically require consideration of this BRS-CP in the calculation of career incentives.

What is the Amount?

BRS-CP Amount CY24 Pay NON-AGR x4 monthly rate of base pay (below are approx. Amount based on rank and CY24 monthly basic pay):

Approximate BRS-CP Amounts
Enlisted: $7K-$19K
Officer: $17-$31K
Warrant: $19K-$24K
BRS-CP Amount CY23 Pay AGR x2.5 monthly rate of base pay:
Enlisted: ~$4.5K-$12K
Officer: ~$10-$19K
Warrant: $12K-$15K

What do I have to agree to?

Service Obligation: In exchange for the BRS-CP, Soldiers must agree to serve for four years of additional service in the component in which they are serving at the TIME BRS-CP is requested. The service obligation commences on the date of the Soldier's BRS-CP request. NOTE: THIS MEANS THAT IF YOU ALREADY HAVE 4 OR MORE YEARS LEFT ON YOUR CONTRACT YOU WILL NOT INCUR ANY ADDITIONAL TIME

Things SM need to consider with Continuation Pay:

  1. Are you eligible to extend and get a bonus while you are in your COPAY eligibility window?
    If yes, you will submit your BRS-CP now then wait to extend once you are in your re-enlistment window so you can stack the bonuses ($12.5K extension Bonus + BRS-CP Bonus + SLRP or MGIB-K)
  2. Will the SM be promoted between now and 12th year anniversary?
    If yes, they may want to wait as 1 rank can be from $1K-$6K difference in pay.
  3. What is the most tax advantageous, lump sum, multiple installments, or election into Traditional or ROTH?
    SM will need to weigh your tax liabilities and determine what is right for them. Adjust amount in MyPay and TSP website.
  4. If a SM would still have less than 12 YOS when the next BRS-CP policy comes out in CY24, the SM want to wait and see what the amounts of BRS-CP are at that time?
    This is sometimes risky as bonuses change based on the needs to retain SM and available budget for bonuses. If there is not a need to retain as many SM bonuses may go down. If there is a greater need bonuses may go up. But it is a risk. Non-AGR bonus can be from 0.5 to 6 times the monthly base pay. AGR is from 2.5 - 13 time the base pay. The Service also can offer incentive based on MOS or position but has yet to use this for BRS-CP.

How to request Continuation Pay?

To process BRS-CP the Soldier must complete the request form and digitally sign and date; SM must then turn in the request form and their most recent LES that shows they are in the BRS to their BCC/Readiness NCO/S1. The BCC/Readiness NCO/S1 will then upload the request into ETL, and forward packet through appropriate channels to the State Incentive Team. The State Incentive Team will fill in the Block 6 (Control Number) and Blocks 9-12, uploaded to SM iPerms, and submit to NGB for processing.

To request BRS-CP please do the following (NOTE: you cannot request BRS-CP until you have reached 8 YOS based on your PEBD, and you cannot request it after your 12 YOS):

  1. Read both Continuation Pay Fact Sheet and BRS-CP LOI (CY24)
  2. Open the Continuation Pay Request Form
  3. Complete request form Blocks 1-5 and c & j. (leave Block 6 blank)
  4. Sign/date BRS-CP request
  5. Turn in the request form and their most recent LES that shows they are in the BRS to their BCC/Readiness NCO/S1
  6. The BCC/Readiness NCO/S1 will then upload the request into ETL, and forward packet through appropriate channels to the State Incentive Team

Soldier past 12 YOS:

A Soldier who goes past their 12 YOS only recourse is to submit an Army Board for Correction of Military Records (ABCMR) but this is 100% on you to complete. It is both a long process and is not guaranteed.

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