New York National Guard Education Services

CLEP/DSST/ECP Testing Programs

The CLEP/DSST/ECP Testing Programs provide Guard members and their Spouses, and Civilian employees (federal and state) of the Army National Guard with the opportunity to take college-level credit-by-exam tests free-of-charge at over 180 New York colleges and universities that serve as National Test Centers.

Many colleges will award up to 30 semester hours of college credit for successfully passing credit-by-exam tests. Each test is worth between 3 and 12 college credits.

The program allows Soldiers to take the following exams in the NYARNG Education Office or at a National Test Center free of charge:

  1. College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  2. DANTES Subject Standardized Testing Program (DSST)
  3. Excelsior College Examination Program (ECP)

Under this program, DANTES pays for the exam. National Test Centers charge a fee for each test administration. Test fees and administration fees are reimbursed regardless of the score achieved on the exam.

How do I schedule a test?
  1. Locate the nearest National Test Center:
  2. Once you have decided on the specific test, obtain the corresponding study guide:
  3. Register for the test:
    • For CLEP and DSST exams: Schedule testing at the National Test Center nearest to you, identifying yourself as a service member covered by DANTES
    • For Excelsior College Exams: Register and pay test fees directly to Excelsior College. Schedule testing at the nearest Prometric Test Center. Both of these actions can be done online at


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