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AGR Occassional Tour/Backfill Tour Info

Per ANGI 36-101, dated 3 June 2010



Occasional Tours. Occasional Tours will be for a minimum of 31 consecutive days but less than 179 days to fulfill validated full-time workload already documented on the UMD as full-time requirements (duty AFSC and grade on full-time UMD must match). Occasional tours support full-time requirements on the UMD and need not be advertised through normal announcement procedures as referenced in paragraph 4.1.2. However, the selectee must meet all AGR program accession requirements IAW Chapter 5 and Chapter 12. The intent of an occasional tour is to temporarily fill a full-time requirement short term while that requirement is being advertised and hired. Vacant AGR resources will not be filled by continuous occasional tours being served by multiple Airmen or the same Airman. There is no authority to unilaterally establish new workload requirements for AGRs. Operational Readiness Inspection/Unit Compliance Inspection (ORI/UCI) preparation is considered organic workload to existing documented full-time requirements on the UMD and not additional or temporary workload. The maximum tour length is 179 days. Airmen must have at least a 31 day break in AGR service to be put on a second occasional AGR tour. All occasional tours are accommodated within the State’s current resource allocations. Occasional tours will not require a MCR action. AGR occasional tour personnel must be managed within the State’s resource allocation and controlled grade ceiling on any given day to adhere to approved OSD end-strength accounting rules. For example, you cannot use an officer resource to hire an enlisted person and vice versa.


AGR Deployment Backfills. AGRs activated under Title 10 and deployed away from home station for 31 days or more may be backfilled (in-kind: AFSC, grade, and AGR category). Exceptions must be reviewed through HRO to NGB/A1M and the Functional Manager in turn, for approval. If AFSC and grade is not available, the HRO has the authority to approve a backfill with an Airman within the 2 digit AFS not to exceed the deployed AGR’s authorized grade on the UMD. The backfill is authorized only for the specific period of the incumbent’s deployment. This does not include pre-deployment preparation nor the incumbent’s return from deployment, to include the deployed Airman’s leave and reconstitution time. Copies of CED orders must be provided to HRO to determine backfill inclusive dates. AGR authorizations, which are not backfilled, regardless of the amount of time, are not ―bankable��-- for future use. Due to Office of Secretary Defense (OSD) accounting rules, personnel on AGR occasional tour/backfill orders (not MPA Man-day program) count against the State or Territory AGR strength and controlled grade ceilings (if applicable) while in AGR status.

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