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AGR Continuation Packet Process

AGR Continuation packets should be completed and routed in time so they arrive at MNHF-AGR no earlier than 6-months and no later than 90-days from the end-date of your current AGR order. Keep in mind the following:

1) Please review the AGR Continuation Checklist.  It is imperative that Soldiers read the requirements for each step and ensure that their documentation meets the timelines outlined in the checklist.  Packets that are missing ANY documents or have a PHA or APFT that is out of tolerance, will be returned without action.

2) Continuation packets will NOT be received directly form the Soldier.  At a minimum, Continuation packets have to be routed through their GOCOM.  Failure to route through GOCOM will result in the packet not being processed.

3) All AGR packets must be routed through MNHF-AGR before it is processed by MNP.

For additional information contact:

AGR Branch Manager at (518) 786-4488


AGR SGM at (518) 786-4626





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