New York State Cold War Certificate

To whom awarded:

The Cold War Certificate may be awarded to any current New York State citizen or a person who was a New York State citizen while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States during the Cold War period, 2 September 1945 to 26 December 1991, whose entire service was honorable.


This certificate may be awarded only to those persons whose discharge certificate indicates service under the conditions of "honorable" (Honorable Discharge) or "under honorable conditions" (General Discharge under Honorable Conditions).

This certificate may be awarded posthumously to a designated survivor of the deceased. Not more than one certificate shall be awarded to any one person. This is a one-time issue.

How awarded:

Applications for the New York State Cold War Certificate will be made using
DMNA Form 105. This form may be obtained via the DMNA website:

Posthumous applications will be submitted using the same mechanisms, using
DMNA Form 105-1, accessible via the DMNA website:

Applications may be submitted:

For security reasons, email attachments must be in ‘PDF’, ‘JPG’ or ‘GIF’ format.
Attachments in any other format are blocked by the email system.

If you are unable to print or utilize the electronic application, you may submit a signed and dated letter containing the same information as the application [Recipient’s full name, Recipient’s last four digits of the Social Security Number, applicant’s full name if different from recipient’s, applicant’s current mailing address, contact phone number and Email address (if applicable)]. Request must include the following statement: “I confirm my (or insert recipient’s name) faithful and honorable service to the state of New York and the nation during the Cold War Era.”

All requests will be sent to the New York Division of Military and Naval Affairs with supporting documents attached/enclosed to validate service during the Cold War period.

Documentation will include a copy of the recipient's Report of Separation (i.e., WD AGO Form 53-55, DD Form 214, or NGB Form 22, etc.). Documentation must include a discharge certificate indicating the character of service as "honorable" (Honorable Discharge) or "under honorable conditions" (General Discharge under Honorable Conditions). Ensure documentation submitted clearly indicates New York State residency while on duty in the Armed Forces during the applicable dates.

Do not send original proof of military service documents. Please ensure only the last 4 digits of the Social Security number are visible. It is also recommended the Date of Birth be crossed off.

If you do not have, in your possession, the required documentation necessary for eligibility or require confirmation of your federal service, you may request a copy of your service record by writing to: National Personnel Records Center,
Veterans Special Actions Division,
9700 Page Boulevard,
St. Louis, MO 63132.

To request Military Service records online, visit:

Approving authority:

The approving authority for this award is The Adjutant General.

For telephone instructions, call (518) 591-5296.

Thank you for your service!

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