Frequently Asked Questions About DMNA

What is DMNA?

DMNA is a state agency that serves as the headquarters for New York's militia forces (the Army National Guard, the Air National Guard, the New York Guard and the New York Naval Militia). In addition, it performs federal functions required to support the Army and Air National Guard. Division of Military and Naval Affairs personnel, military and civilian, serve under the Adjutant General, who must be an Army or Air National Guard commander and who is responsible to the Governor for proper administration and for assuring the New York militia is prepared to perform emergency state roles as directed by the Governor. The Adjutant General is also responsible to the Department of Defense for assuring the military training and preparedness of the Army and Air National Guard units in New York.

How does the National Guard fit into the US military?

The National Guard is -- by national policy -- an integral part of America's military forces. The New York Army National Guard provides combat units of almost all types, combat support elements, and a variety of specialized services. Air Guard units in New York fly fighters, transports and refueling aircraft was well as specialized rescue helicopters and their C-130 support. Non-flying Air Guard units include the NorthEast Air Defense Sector and a variety of combat control and communications elements.
-- Guard members and units train for their national defense roles frequently on weekends and for at least two weeks each summer, and most accept additional military training by taking vacation or leave from their civilian careers throughout the year.
-- National Guard members and units are subject to calls to full-time, active duty, at home and abroad, at the direction of the federal government. In today's international climate, that's come to mean that a significant number of Guard members from New York will actually be found serving for up to a year (at any given time) in Europe, Southwest Asia or elsewhere.
-- Nonetheless, the Guard is a fundamentally "state" entity. The founding fathers conceived of state militia forces as a way to avoid the need for large, standing armies. The law makes Governors the Commanders-in-Chief of their Guard units, except when those units have specifically been ordered to federal duty. It also allows them to use their well-trained and disciplined forces, and the Guard's equipment, to deal with domestic emergencies including the kinds of natural disasters for which New York National Guard members have been called to duty often -- from the "North Country ice storm" of 1997 to floods, fires and tornadoes.
-- A comparatively small cadre of National Guard members serve full-time here at home, providing critical preparations and maintenance, so that their units can answer a national call on short notice.

Where can I find More information about the New York Naional Guard?

“National Guard 101” details the history, weaponry and units of the New York Military reserves. It is avaliable here in either PDF or PPT (Microsoft powerpoint) formats.
Also you can visit the DMNA Home page, where you will find current news and links to all four of the New York reserve components, you can also use our search engine if you are looking for more specific information.

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