NY ARNG Joint Force Headquarters

The Headquarters element for the New York Army National Guard is known as “JFHQ” or, more officially, "Joint Force Headquarters." It shares its patch and "distinctive unit insignia" with he 53rd Troop Command, which is technically aligned as a separate "Major Command."

Joint Force Headquarters Contacts:

The Adjutant General

MG Patrick A. Murphy
(518) 786-4502

Deputy Adjutant General

BG Anthony German
(518) 786-4502

Director, Joint Staff

BG Raymond Shields
(518) 786-4417

Army Chief of Staff

COL Patrick Center
(518) 786-4502

Special Assistant, State

Mr. Michael S. Friess
(518) 786-4417

Executive Officer

LTC Mark Slusar
(518) 786-4322

State Command Sergeant Major

CSM Louis Wilson
(518) 786-4511

Special Assistant, Federal

Domenica Scarcella
(518) 786-4506

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